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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Oookstar trailstar bath tub

A new addition to my wildcamping arsenal arrived this week , a bathtub shaped floor for the Trailstar.
I usually use a piece of Tyvek  under my Mountain Laurel designs Superlite bivy , but sometimes when camping on sodden ground or as I found out on my last camp - snow which melted during the night  a flat grounsheet is not ideal  hence the purchase of the bath tub floor  it is 70d pu .  
 I went with this over silnylon , for more durability and it is less slippery which will be important if I decide to use my bivy with it .
Below are a few pics showing it can be used in 3 different configuration's , the last is my preferred option .
Also shown is the Oooksworks doors , which makes a nice porch ground sheet as well .

Hope to get out and use it later this mth.
Till next time , happy wildcamping


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