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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A windy night under cuben in the Eastern Fells

I didn't think I would be able to get out in july due to work & family commitments, so when my wife planned a night out with friends I jumped at the chance to get a night out in the hills .

A few messages were exchanged with lee taylor & Peter Dixon and we decided on a 2 day route in the Eastern Fells so I could tick off a few unclimbed Wainwright's in the area.

Mr Lake District a.k.a. Peter Dixon know's the Lakeland fell's & all its nook's and crannies far better than me , so I was more than happy for him to plan a route.

After a couple of day's he got back to me with a crackin route of just under 26 miles & we agreed to meet in Hartsop Saturday morning , the weather didn't look too good - 40 - 45 mph winds , gusts too 55 mph light rain showers before heavier rain moved in for the evening , they pretty much got this bang on !

An early start saw me parked up in hartsop at around 7.30. We had planned to meet around 8.30.but travelling from the midlands , along the M6 I knew I had to allow extra time for traffic ect.

Peter , Lee & Oscar ( Peter's faithful hill companion a 10 yr old chocolate Labrador ) pulled up around 45 min's later .We greeted each other then kitted up and headed out .

The tops were in clag , and it was raining lightly , but it didn't dampen our spirit's & soon we reached brock crags - a new wainwright for me.

From there we headed towards Angle Tarn Pike , passing Angle Tarn along the way .

Next target was Beda Fell where we decided we would take a break there before descending northwards towards Ullswater , then onto the Roman Road (high street ) that runs all the way to the summit .

Just before we got to Beda Fell  Oscar started limping badly he was obviously in dis-comfort as he kept stopping for a rest .

Concerned for Oscar's welfare peter decided it wasn't wise to continue on our intended route , being a dog lover myself I could fully understand his concern & we took a break at Beda Fell & weighed up the options .

Peter decided to head back the way we had come , and camp to allow Oscar to rest , leaving a short walk to his car the next day . lee and myself could have continued , but decided we would head back with Peter and camp with him .



It was getting quite windy now & we knew we would need to find somewhere sheltered to camp , Peter suggested a spot he and lee had camped at a few yrs previous just below Satura crag .

Soon 3 mountain laurel designs cuben duomids were fastened to the hillside & we retreated to our individual shelters for a brew , there was a brief lull around tea time & we took the opportunity to eat and chat behind a near by wall .

After around 30 mins we went back to the shelters for the night , I took a wind speed reading & it showed gusts too 50.6 mph ! they got stronger during the evening.

 This was the 1st real test for my Duomid  - I was really impressed with it as well , I did have 1 problem which I quickly sorted - I had used MLD'S  guyline on the 4 main corners , but had used thinner dyneema on mid panel guy points , this was a mistake as the constant buffeting caused them to slip - I solved this by tying them off & it stood rock solid for the rest of the night. I have changed back to the thicker guyline .

Morning came and we all still had cuben above our heads , the mountain laurel designs cuben duomids had took all mother nature threw at them during the night , no damage was suffered - testament to mld's superb build quality & materials.

Whilst eating breakfast we noticed signs of blue skies & a little while later we packed and set off to a much improved day .

We said our goodbyes to Peter & Oscar then myself and lee headed towards the Knott .

Around 15 mins later Peter & Oscar caught us up again - Oscar had started doing 'doughnut's ' shortly after leaving us , so he decided to catch us up . We then walked together to Thornthwaite crag from where we parted company again - Peter , Oscar & lee making their way back to the car park whilst I continued on to Stoney cove Pike / Cauldale moor , before bagging my final wainwright on that side - Hartsop Dodd .

It had been another fantastic trip & it was great to catch up with the lad's again.

Till next time .... happy wildcamping


  1. Good too catch up,till next time

    1. yes.. hopefully next time we'll get a great sunrise/sunset , clear skies & a milky way :-)

  2. Sounds a great trip Daron. And good to hear the CF Duomid handled the wind so well. Mine hasn't yet been tested in strong wind.

  3. Thanks David.Anchored well the Cf duomid is exceptionally strong..and shed's wind very well.I bought it mainly for winter and wanted to give it a test before using in a winter storm.Really enjoying using it at the minute :-)