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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hilleberg Soulo mod.

I've had a Hilleberg Solulo for a few mths now and spent around 6 nights in it so far, its stood up to heavy winds, snow and rain exceptionally well and I've always felt secure in it. I initially wanted a shelter that was free standing , was easy to pitch and ( although I hate to use the word ) bomber in a winter storm . most of all I wanted a shelter that I could simply pitch - move in, and then forget about it over night - no getting out , tightening guys, or moving snow off the fly sheet. In all of these aspects it has been superb.

whilst pitching on rough/stony ground I came across an idea for a mod to make life easier. One such pitch was in the Black Mountains where I was pitched on an exposed ridge in 45mph winds. I had to pitch on short-ish heather - around 12" in depth and experienced a problem getting the  ground pegs in well enough to get a taught fly sheet, the tent coped well , albeit  with a bit of fly sheet flapping.

On another occasion on stony ground, I couldn't get the pegs in and had to tie a length of dyneema to extend guy point to where I could get the peg in.

the mod basically consists of 6 lineloks on a short loop of cross grain ( these were obtained from paul at treadlite ) he has a store on ebay. These are fitted with around 12" of 2mm dyneema. The Total weight is a very acceptable 25 grams!

Below is a little video showing the mod.

    Till next time..
Happy Wild Camping.

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