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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

2 days in the Carneddau.

So there I was the day after the return from my 4 day trip around the Arans/Dyfi hills, cursing the glorious weather we now had. My wife could see I was a little frustrated with the timing of this, she had been in Spain enjoying great weather whilst I backpacked around a wet/windy Snowdonia. I think she felt sorry for me, so when she said " you're not back at work until Monday, why don't you go back for a couple of days. A free pass ! I jumped at the chance and hastily re packed my pack,grabbed a map, and planned a rough route around the Carneddau.

I parked at the carpark near to Llyn Eigiau and took the surfaced track north. At the highest point, just after a ladder stile and fence, a faint path heads south west towards Craig Eigiau. It is easy to miss the start, but it becomes easy to follow further up.

After a very warm climb I arrived at the summit , the views were excellent if a little hazy, they were for my eyes only on this trip- I decided the exertions of the previous 4 days, combined with a  forecast for very warm temperatures over the next couple of days, it would be wise to rest Max. I missed his company though.

After admiring the view and taking a few pics I continued over Gledrffordd towards Carnedd Llewelyn, detouring a little to take a look Yr Elen.

After visiting the summit I headed towards Yr Elen stopping for lunch on the way.

After a very leisurely and very enjoyable lunch, I set of on the walk out to Yr Elen. Several large groups were leaving the summit, walking along the ridgeline looking like a procession of ants in the distance. Once they passed me I continued to the summit and for 10 mins or so, I had it to myself.

I've Always fancied a camp on the summit, and will probably return during a calm period in the winter, but for now I had another camp location in mind and returned the way I had come, bypassing Carnedd Llewelyn, contouring over pathless slopes in the direction of Foel  Grach.

I decided to leave Foel Grach & Foel Fras and continued to Carnedd Uchaf then later Yr Aryg.

Descending to Cwm yr Afon Goch I collected very good water, then continued to Llwytmor where I planned to camp. Ascending to the summit I came across a stunning brunnette, her long locks blowing gently in the breeze ...the late afternoon sun highlighting the various shades in her mane, I just had to get a photo!


Once on the summit I looked for a good pitch.. there were almost too many spots. I settled on one with fantastic views over the north coast of wales, It was also the perfect position to view both sunset & sunrise.. many of the summits in the Carneddau share this similar trait.

Soon the Trailstar was pitched and I was all set for the night.. I was looking forward to this.

After being treated to a very good sunset, I relaxed drinking the rest of the whisky before drifting off to sleep.

I awoke around and shortly after avery good sunrise rounded of the trip and my time on Llwytmor nicely.

After packing I headed to Foel Fras, then onto Foel Grach ,where I descended over pathless slopes to get a good view down into Melynllyn.. looking very low after the recent extended dry spell. From there I contoured round to pick up the path back to the carpark. Another excellent trip, and one for the memory bank.
thanks for taking the time to read..
Till next time, Happy wildcamping

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