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Sunday, 20 November 2016

back to the lakes , and a return to winter part 1

It had been 3 mths since my last vist to the lakes , the last time I was there  the heather was in full bloom , and I spent a few days backpacking round the langdales , so with a bag full of winter gear , I headed for the south eastern lakes, plan was a 3 day backpack from longsleddale - out to the kentmere fells , with a return via the shap fells. dropping my wife off at work ( had permission to use the car ) meant a late start , delays on the longest car park in the uk (other wise known as the m6 !) meant it was nearly midday by the time I parked the car at sadgill . loaded up , I took the bridleway leading to kentmere , sleet showers came and went


I passed through kentmere , hay bale's were standing in a field , wrapped in black plastic , food for the sheep in the surrounding fells  ready for winter . cool winds , light snow in fields , was a reminder that winter is on its way

Next oblective was sallows , had been over 2 yrs since I was last here , and I was keen to see it in winter. passing kentmere hall  I took the bridleway that climbs to whiteside edge , where a pecked path turn's  right  to climb the fell side , snow cover meant I couldn't see the actual path , so I branched out on a compass bearing  to pick up a better track further on , which I left after a while  to ascend to sallows .  looking back , I could see the weather closing in on me .

Soon we reached sallows , another compass bearing was taken  to lead me to garburn nook


From there  it was straight forward, following the path that skirts around buck crag , to lead up to yoke . from the summit , I headed for rainsborrow tarn , once again on a compass bearing - due to poor visabilty.  a fence line was reached  which I hand railed to get to the tarn . once located I searched for a pitch , with sunset fast approaching , and after the exertions of the day , I found a spot that 'would have to do ' . I settled in for the night , then it started snowing - I didn't stop till around 8 am the following morning !
dinner was cooked , plenty of hot beverages were consumed , then I started on the whisky  toasting the mountain's  and going over the days walking in my head , as I always do .
That night was spent , removing snow from the trialstar , it was snowing hard , and I was concerned about it building up on the trailstar .

The plan was for a 3day trip , 2 nights wildcamping . I went over the next days route , I planned on camping somewhere around tarn crag / harrop pike .
later that night , there was a brief lull , so I took the opportunity to answer a call of nature , and to take some pics .

The forecast was for snow showers through the night , but nothing prepared me for the amounts we actually had .