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Sunday, 20 November 2016

back to the lakes , and a return to winter pt 2

At the end of pt. 1 , I ended with some pics showing the winter wonderland I awoke to. the extent of the total snowfall during the night was breath-taking .  I spent some time photographing , and taking in the magical sight before me ,  over night the lake district had been plunged into full winter glory - intermittent clearings gave tantalising views of snow covered nearby peaks ,  it truly was magical .

Thoughts then turned to my onward route , and next camp , intermittent 4g signal allowed me to check in  and more importlantly - check the  latest weather forecast .  more of the same was predicted .
i weighed up my options , then decided - given the forecast , it would be foolish to continue , it was
a very hard choice to make - but i think the right one  . i decided to head for the garburn pass ( escape routes are a very important part of route planning ) .

From there   I took the bridleway back to kentmere , then the bridleway back to longsleddle.

thanks for reading , I plan on documenting my backpacking exploits on here , so more will be added in due course.

for now I will leave you with some pics from my return journey.

happy wildcamping





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